Sunday, June 22, 2008


Boy am I tired! I don't remember feeling this way after my first degree. But then again, studying history is a lot different than designing 40,000 square feet of housing for the deaf and blind. I remember when I came up with this project nine months ago, and how excited I was to begin the journey. Little did I know how glad I would be to be done!

I was so tired the night of my presentation that I forgot to take pictures. Luckily T remembered to at least get a few shots.

And there are the other T's in my life... Tait and Taryn... who are two amazing designers and even better friends! They helped me get through the last few days of pulling the project together. I also have to mention Monica and Rachel... who although did not end up hamming for any photos, were also a huge part of my project. What did i do to deserve these friends? Thanks guys! I owe you!!

T feels like a newlywed all over again - we got married just a few months after I started school, and so he has never known me as "just" a wife. I keep telling him that he deserves a graduation too. After all, he was right by my side for every all-nighter, midnight trip to Kinko's, and every single break down where I cried for hours over a computer malfunction that made me lose entire projects, or when I felt as though I had no talent and was wasting my time (and money) going to school. I could not have done it without him! He is not only my best friend and champion, but also the most amazing husband. I am so lucky! (isn't he cute with our babies Eek and Moo?)

Monday, June 9, 2008


I hope you like the new site!
Sorry this isn't a *real* post....I am still wrapping up my school stuff and getting ready to graduate this Friday, June 13th!!! Then I will have plenty of new posts for you, full of all the fun things I have been plotting while my time has been otherwise occupied!
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