Thursday, March 25, 2010

hip hip hooray!

the internet drought is over!

and to celebrate - a little eye candy just in time for spring...

kinda makes you wanna spend all day curled up in bed with someone you love and a fabulous book!

(one of the perils of designing for a living is that I am always falling in love with new things - leaving my rooms always in a state of halfway done. poor T - he would really love to have something in our home "finished")

1)west elm 2)cb2 3)shopterrain 4)infusion 5)amberalexander 6)goodvintage 7)rugcompany 8)anthropologie 9)restorationhardware

Monday, March 22, 2010

30 before 30

I turned 29 back in February, and had a bit of a meltdown. So T suggested I make one of those lists that everyone keeps posting.
i think he's hoping it will ward off an even bigger meltdown next year!

1: become a breakfast person. (as in having a good start to the day, not as in the weekend event that often involves friends and mimosas. i am already really good at that one!)

2: make myself a garment that actually fits, and that i actually wear.

3: create a cleaning schedule, and stick with it!

4: wait, and love more. (one of my favorite lines from a hymn. its a good reminder to be patient with life, other people, and even myself. it is also a good reminder to quite simply, love more. love life, love other poeple, and most importantly love myself. for as we know - love fills all space!)

5: improve my handwriting.

6: eat more protein. (i was raised a vegetarian, but i was also raised by a single mother with four children, this our meals weren't always "well rounded". and now, with the whole meat eating husband angle, my side of the meals get even more neglected!)

7: get pregnant. (this isn't exactly a fair goal to put on myself. but working towards it is!)

8: finally finish reading Les Miserables. (as you know, i am an avid reader, but for some reason i started this book back in high school - yes, way back in the 90's - and still have not made it through!)

9: blog at least once a week.

10: finally put something up for sale in my etsy shop.

11: clean and organize the garage. (this one may be very difficult to accomplish because around here the garage is known as "man town," and T is not so keen of letting me prettify his space.)

12: be more confident - or at least fake it til i make it!

13: start my own design company.

14: visit my sister in santa fe.

15: send more handwritten cards and letters (see number 5).

16: implement date night with T - even if its a stay at home sort of date - we can still make it special!

17: eat dinner at our dining room table at least once a week (yes - we usually eat on the couch - eek!) combine this with #16 and i can knock two things off of my list!

18: make a cushion for our dining room bench - if its more comfortable, we might sit there more frequently!

19: go to the orgeon zoo. (yes, i have lived here for 7 years and still have not gone - this from the girl who went to every zoo and aquarium she came across while abroad)

20: ditto for the newport aquarium.

21: take a current portrait of T and I. (the last time we took a picture together - that i actually like - was about 3 years ago!!)

22: finish decorating the bedroom.

23: start saving money for a kitchen remodel.

24: replace the ugly chandelier in the dining room.

25: install a timer for the bathroom fan. (did you know that you are supposed to let it run for at least half an hour after you shower to prevent mold and mildew?)

26: use my ice cream maker. (it was a wedding present and it is still in the box.)

27: ditto for the pasta maker.

28: start leaving comments on my favorite blogs. (i LOVE when people leave me comments and so i should definitely pay it forward!)

29: experiment more with makeup. specifically lipstick. (wouldn't it be great to have a signature color?)

30: learn how to use iMovie, and make one of those fabulous and quirky videos that everyone keeps posting!