Friday, December 23, 2011

Question: If a blogger throws a party but forgets to take pictures, did it ever really happen?
Answer:  Who cares, we were too busy having fun!! 

Last weekend was our annual holiday party and it for sure did not disappoint. Our tiny house was bursting at the seams - from people to food, we had an abundance of goodness!
I did manage to grab this Instagram of a lovely little terrarium one of our guests brought as a hostess gift, (I know... talk about a great guest!) which ended up being the perfect home for my vintage little ceramic seagull.  Doesn't he look happy??

And here is the Moo Kitty enjoying the tree and all of its twinkle lights.

And finally, there has been a ton of great gift-wrapping inspiration making the blog rounds lately, so I thought I would throw my hat into the ring and show you what I came up with this year.
Everything was from my stash - the patterned paper came from Target last year (although I thought I saw it, or something very similar, again this year!, the solid red was from Ikea last year (it was in a two-pack with some super cute gnomes!) The gray ribbon is a handle from an Anthropologie shopping bag, and the other ribbons I stock up on during the Craft Warehouse summer sales.  But most importantly, the amazing birds I found here.  Do yourself a favor and go ahead and print some of these out for yourself.  They are so beautifully done, with amazing detail and texture.  Seriously - I want to frame some of them!