Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Its hard to believe that in a few short months this:
will look a whole lot more like this:
Of course that is just my sketch-up rendering to show the clients what I see in my head!

There has been much debate over the island pendants... the plan originally called for three pendants evenly spaced over the bar.  However, becuase the stove is not centered (this is a Chef's kitchen, and he was adamant that he get a full 48" worth of prep space next to the range) three pendants seemed wonky.  As you can imagine, we played around with a lot of options - having three but not evenly spacing them, only having two, removing then completely - and ultimately we are happy with how four pendants evenly spaced looks.

The pendants themselves are especially lovely, and fulfill all of our requirements which were 1: to bring a sense of femininity (and even a hint of traditional) into the very masculine and modern space 2: fully enclose the bulb 3: diffuse the light and 4: not look too "restauranty" (since my clients are indeed restaurant owners, and they would like their home to be a haven from their busy and all encompassing life! )
Pretty aren't they??

And a sneak peak at the materials...
(picture taken outside under direct sunlight during a planning session with the cabinet maker)
...which includes a poured concrete counter top in a lovely Kahlua/Mocha color, recycled glass and tumbled slate mosaic tile, a mix of painted and wood cabinetry, and a hint of crackle in the finish of the ceramic 3x6 field tiles.

I am so excited for all of the elements, and how we are paying homage to the age of the home, but definitely allowing a much more modern feel to creep in!


And in other news - I finally managed to design and print my business cards!!

The folks at Moo did an amazing job, and their quality has impressed everyone so far!  The paper is nice and thick, and the colors are rich and beautiful.

The chair sketch is one I did based off of the Astrid. (It has always been one of my favorites for its whimsical shape and how versatile it looks in either a solid or a fun pattern)  I scanned in my sketch, and then manipulated the depth of my sketch lines to make the shape really stand out.  I ended up having five different colors of chairs, and I like how they all relate to the front of the cards in pattern and curvaceousness! 

I love handing out my cards!