Wednesday, June 26, 2013

an iPhone dump that does not even begin to cover the last 6 months...
We finished up the twins nursery in April, just in time for the tax-day babies to arrive. 
So far my clients are are loving their modern and colorful nursery, and I am loving all the baby snuggles!
May found me back at the cabin in Michigan.  
(Living full time near the water is definitely a life-goal of  mine!)
My insanely talented brother is the Creative Director on the new Oreo campaign. 
Go here if you haven't yet had the chance to see his amazing work.
 (The original 90 second anthem, and the Dad's day version are my very favorites!!!) 
Some recent client work.  One house is very stately and traditional- full of gilded antiques 
while the other is very contemporary and clean lined.  I love the contrast! 
(more client work here)
My dear childhood friend came for a visit from Tennessee and we 
tried out Areal Yoga.  It's totally my new obsession!  
There was also brunch.  Lots and lots of brunch...

Sweet Pippa.  Always more angel than dog.  
You will be missed.