Sunday, December 14, 2008

my little snow angel

T grew up on the east coast, and so for him, snow is a much loved friend. To him, snow means days off from school, mugs of hot cocoa, tromping around, and soup. He gets super excited whenever the forecast predicts freezing temperatures (which is hardly ever here on the west coast!) and he has decided that one day we "have" to live somewhere cold so I can experience a real winter. (uh huh, sure babe, someday we'll do that....)

And so, last week when the weatherman started predicted snow, T spent every spare second chopping firewood, stocking the pantry (with popcorn and hot cocoa) and talking about all the fun things we could do on our "snow day."

This morning, as the flakes started to fall you could actually see T's excitement growing. He would race over to window every few minutes to give us an update on the flake size, consistency, and sticking ratio. And finally, after begging all morning, he finally got me to go outside for a little tromp...

(thanks for letting me wear your new boots honey!)

Of course, since i ventured out in the snow for him, he had to do a little something for me....

T looked like he was having so much fun that the neighbors had to come out and play too!