Thursday, March 25, 2010

hip hip hooray!

the internet drought is over!

and to celebrate - a little eye candy just in time for spring...

kinda makes you wanna spend all day curled up in bed with someone you love and a fabulous book!

(one of the perils of designing for a living is that I am always falling in love with new things - leaving my rooms always in a state of halfway done. poor T - he would really love to have something in our home "finished")

1)west elm 2)cb2 3)shopterrain 4)infusion 5)amberalexander 6)goodvintage 7)rugcompany 8)anthropologie 9)restorationhardware

1 comment:

Nutty Gnome said...

Ha ha - why should your house get finished when ours is nowhere near?!
Lovely photos though ... and I could seriously covert some of those goodies :)