Friday, April 30, 2010


Gratitude has been on my mind a lot lately - as a remedy for the blahs, as a antidote to selfishness, as a connection to God - and so when I was introduced to this blog today I was immediately smitten.

Leah Dieterich writes little thank you notes to just about everything (garbage trucks, the man who punched a car in Mexico, Facebook's delete status option). At first you think that she's just being humorous, but there are so many lovely little moments of self -realization that keep it extremely personal and very moving.

A few of my favorites:


Laura Marie said...

This is the best idea ever.. <3

Britta said...

Thank you for sharing this beautiful gratitude prose! I keep a gratitude diary - write it in the morning, quite diligently, and it is really astonishing how much is there to be thankful for.
Love your blog! Britta

Mrs Robinson said...

Thanks Britta, I LOVE the idea of a daily gratitude journal I may just have to steal that one :)

And Laura - can't wait to see photos of you in costume!