Sunday, January 16, 2011

How to throw a last minute dinner party.

Step 1:  With visions of Jordan's amazing parties dancing in your head, make plans to host a post-holiday get together (and then promptly forget about these plans while you focus on getting your work's holiday/secret Santa gift in order).

Step 2:  Remember said plans, at around 10pm, the night before the party.  

Step 3:  Make husband start to clean the house (at 10pm the night before the party) while you run upstairs to your fabric stash (when you realize your "good tablecloth" has shrunk so much it will no longer cover the table once you put the leaves in) to pick a new tablecloth.  (step 3A involves hemming new fabric, and then deciding you also need a runner you fringe some burlap)

Step 4:  Decide on a super easy menu of Bruschetta, Summer's roasted broccoli pasta (I also add kale - because it tastes SO good), and a caprese salad.  (Step 4A involves making a Trader Joe's run - because no one is going to notice that the house isn't really as clean you as want it, if the wine is good and plentiful, and the dessert is delicious!)

Step 5:  Have everyone over, and enjoy all your hard work (well, okay, maybe the Husband's hard work, since all you really did was set the table) and enjoy your friends, the wine, and the conversation so much so that you forget to document the food and the friends!

(Please forgive the photos - I took them late at night!)

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