Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I take it all back... 30 is not so bad!


 (I am sure the wonderful surprise weekend my husband and friends planned, helped with my change a of heart - a lot!)


Brandon, Monique & Soren said...

omg, you turned 30 and i totally forgot!! happy late birthday vic:-) i'm so glad it's not as bad as you thought...i'm approaching my 30th with trepidation...:-/

Nutty Gnome said...

A belate Happy Birthday - it certainly looks like you had fun!
(I was 50 last April and all my friends clubbed together to buy me a tank driving day - EXCELLENT fun!....just wait till you're 50!)

Mrs Robinson said...

Thanks gals!!

Moe- you are an amazing woman, and if you turn 30 with half the grace that you have exuded these past 10(!!) years that we have known each other, it will be a very successful milestone!

Nutty Gnome - gosh! what an AMAZING group of friends to give you such an AMAZING party! woo hoo - I hope my 50th is as rockin!