Sunday, January 6, 2013

I still haven't mastered the art of Photoshop, or even taking decent pictures to start with.  But I have mastered our bedroom.  And,  while there are still a few things on my wishlist (a beautiful antique dresser, a larger closet, a cleaning lady....), I can honestly say that I really love where it is at!

The faux-fur leopard headboard is super cozy, and has just the right amount of sass. I still love the wall color (which is reading super lilac in this picture) and my mid-century desk/sidetable. 

My roman shade is finally up as well, and I am so enamored with the pattern.  I love seeing it layered under my curtains! 
I also finally blew up one of my favorite horse pictures.  I spent less than $20 on getting it printed through iPhoto/Apple becuase it was easy, and I didn't have to run around searching for affordable printers.  The quality is decent but they did crop a little off of the top of the photo.  And then the matting took of another 1/8 inch or so, and I ended up losing the eye.  It was one of my favorite parts of the picture and so I do think I need to figure out how to reprint without this loss! 

I think Eek loves it too!

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hether said...

Did you make the duvet? it's pretty!
i'm thinking a log pillow like you made a pink/teal to pick up colors in the curtains/duvet. love the roman shade!!!!