Friday, July 18, 2008

reason number 67,458 why I love my husband...

T has this really amazing knack for picking out the most perfect flowers - as witnessed by the "happy no-day" bouquet he surprised me with when he came to pick me up tonight.

Unfortunately I work six days a week (thankfully at two jobs that i absolutely love!) but that doesn't leave T and I much alone time, so when he sauntered into my work this evening an hour before I was supposed to get off, carrying this bouquet, my heart did somersault's. Not only did this incredibly handsome man bring me flowers, but my coworkers were so touched that they insisted I leave early!

I suppose it all began ten years ago when I was a senior in high school (T was a junior in college!!) and I was attending a very preppy all girls school where I barely fit in. Up until we met, I had not been on a "real" date with a boy (group attendance at dances does not count) and my good grades had excluded me from the so-called "cool" group. T and I had met the previous summer while working at a camp in Michigan, and our relationship had quickly progressed from letters to emails to phone calls, and so when my 18th birthday rolled around in February, T arranged to have a dozen red roses delivered to me while at school! He knew the commotion such a romantic gesture would cause, and that it would put me at the center of attention, even if only for a little while. The flowers were beautiful and they definitely earned many envious remarks from my classmates, especially when they learned that I was dating a college boy!

The following year, as a freshman at UCSD, my birthday present from T was two dozen roses! He likes to joke that by then he loved me twice as much, therefore I deserved twice as many flowers! They caused less of a commotion in college, but I still felt like one very lucky girl!

Over the years, roses have definitely been a recurring theme, but T has also started to really branch out. (I think I owe the girls at his favorite flower shop - Sammy's for all you local folk- a really big thank you!) He loves to find new and unique flowers, as well as interesting foliage because he knows how much I dislike generic baby's breath. I really think that not many men buy their women flowers, especially of the "no-day" variety, judging from the comments he receives while picking them up. Someone inevitably asks what is the occasion, and there is always surprise when he answers "because she deserves it." (I know - can you believe him!!)

Thank you T - you are an amazing husband!


Kim's Treasures said...

I'm so glad you stopped by today to visit my blog! I am still new to this and love it when someone new leaves a comment! You have given my day a boost too! Your hubby is a sweetie! Beautiful flowers!
Have a great day!

Laura Marie said...

You are soooo lucky!! your husband is obviously crazy about you. my dad hardly ever buys my mum flowers, and if he does, he never says its because she deserves them...its noramly a speacil occasion.

Congrats on finding such a brilliant person to spend your life with :)