Sunday, March 20, 2011

a weekend recap

I have so many things to share (Like how I re-painted my master bedroom over christmas break.  Or how I just completed an amazing upholstery class where I did an entire chair(!).  Or how last November we had our in-laws come to stay and I totally re-decorated the guest bedroom.  Or how I have started making and selling things in a few local shops and they are selling well) and yet I feel as though getting them into writing is the hardest thing!

So maybe I will just start slow with a little weekend re-cap.  Many of my favorite blogs do this, and I always feel that it is such a sweet little personal moment.  Its like having a quick coffee break with a friend!

So here goes:

Saturday night we ventured across the river and had dinner with friends at a darling new (to us) restaurant called Decarli.  The best part about eating out with our group is how willing everyone is to try new things, and share - we ordered a bunch of yummy appetizers, and pretty much were in heaven!   Can I just say that polenta fries are a revelation!

After we were sufficently stuffed, we headed over to Sykart - and indoor go-kart track!  SO fun, and the accessories were definitely fun to model!

Today was a relaxing stay at home kind of day.  We made pancakes, talked on the phone with family in Boston and Florida,  and finished up some fun projects I have been working on. 

All in all it was a really fun weekend, and I feel so lucky that I have such great friends to have fun with!

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