Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Before and After

I am so very excited about sharing all the details of my upholstery class, but until I can figure out how to get all the words out, I will let the pictures do the talking!


helen said...

your talent always inspires me to explore my own talent -- and your unique approach to life's fabrics fills me with hope that everyone in the world will have a beautiful chair to sit in! by the way, the workmanship on that chair is finely done!

Skinny Jeans Gal said...

OMG- I LOVE this! It looks fantastic!

M. Crane said...

This is so great...was it expensive to take an upholstery class (other than the fabric?)

Mrs Robinson said...

Hey Michelle-

The class cost $175. My chair took 3 yards of the floral ($24.99), 3 yards of the chocolate($14.99), and 1 yard of the pink ($32.99), and of course the chair was a super deal coming in at $14.99!