Monday, June 13, 2011

Last week, after about a month of crazy schedule wrangling, expedia and priceline stalking, and many many secretive phone calls, I was able to finally pull off the surprise of the century.  You see,  it was my best friend's 30th birthday, and we have not been able to see each other in almost 6 years!

She was obviously delighted, and I have to say that it was probably one of the best weeks I have had in years!  There was rainbow birthday cake, horses, 90+ degree weather, a pool, and lots of wine and girl talk.  I am so blissed out right now! 

Of course I have about a bazillion photos, but I want to dedicate this post to the beautiful horses of Kensington Farms, where my friend is a riding instructor.  (I know - dream job right?)
What is it about horses and girls - how is it that pretty much every little girl is born horse crazy?  I don't know any little boys who wake up one day and want to plaster their walls with pictures of horse magazines.  
I was pondering this while I was taking pictures, and I started to realize that horses have such an amazing spirit.  They are so giving and loving - it is no wonder horse therapy is becoming more and more popular.  There is nothing more powerful that the love between a rider and their horse, and the first time you really look into a horse's eyes, your heart grows a little bit bigger.  (It has been said that the eye is the hardest to capture - that is why there is so much bad horse art out there!)  And we as women, who are also born givers, feel drawn to horses because we instinctualy know that they have the capacity to help give back and soothe our own souls.
Anyway... I am so grateful for my week of fun (I feel like a new person!) and I am excited to share with you the rest of my adventures!

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Zoey Smith said...

I had never seen this!! I love the pictures, and I loved the surprise!!