Tuesday, June 14, 2011

While in Tennessee I had the immense pleasure of watching my best friend's daughter play the last wto games of her little league baseball season!  Not having any children of my own, I was wholly unprepared for the intensity and nerve-wracking I had to endure!
(little Davy cheering on his sister!)
Ana played catcher this season, and was an absolute champ. She was all over the place, throwing her body around like it didn't matter. My heart was in my throat pretty much the entire time! (there was some talk amongst the parents and they said things like "best in her age bracket."  You better believe that I was one proud aunty!)
She also managed to hit every time she was at bat!  There was some really quick and evasive running to second...
...and she even had the most beautiful slide into home for the run!! (I was too busy screaming and jumping up and down to catch a picture of her awesome moves!)

 Unfortunately one of her games was at 1pm on the hottest day of the week - so you better believe that as soon as the game was over we headed back to the house and jumped right into the pool!

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